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Shakespeare Giveaway!!!

Since February is my birth month and I enjoy the hobbit tradition of giving gifts to others on my birthday, I decided to do a February give away! And you, Dear Reader, get to enjoy the bounty!  The best part? I have not ONE item to give away- but THREE! Yes- Three Shakespeare-themed items will be going to three lucky readers! And the giveaway items are top-notch!

The first item is something I first heard about from Brandy over at Afterthoughts. The MasterPuppet Theather: World of Shakespeare is the perfect item to flesh out those Shakespearean readings. This set includes a deck of cards featuring 60 of the most famous of Shakespeare’s characters. Hamlet, MacBeth, Othello, Romeo & Juliet along with many, many other characters are included. You also receive a neat ‘backdrop set’ in front of which you can perform your plays. This is a really cool way to help your kiddos SEE the play!

Amazing narration possibilities here!

The second item is one of my favorite movies: Kenneth Brannagh’s 1993 version of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’! This is a rollicking, joyous interpretation which sparkles with the wit and wisdom of the Bard! Very watchable (a great way to introduce someone who knows nothing about Shakespeare to his works) and filled with an award-winning cast.  Now for the disclaimer: It is rated PG-13 but you will absolutely want to preview it before watching with your teenagers. There is some brief, non-sexual nudity in the opening (actually very sweet and full of joy), but there is also a brief scene wherein Hero’s maid, Margaret, ‘looks out a window’ with Borachio which is represented sexually.

Just looking at the cover reminds me of summer and happiness...

The last item of my give away is a fantastic little book called ‘Sonnets & Psalms’. Within are pages filled with- well- psalms & sonnets! Imagine waking each morning and reading a sonnet and a psalm before your feet hit the floor. This book allows the reader to explore themes common in the sonnets and in Scripture- love, grief, anger- all of life’s varying shades.

Would fit perfectly on a nightstand... or in a picnic basket...

So, here are the rules of the giveaway:

1) ‘Like’ This Side of the Door on Facebook, here.

2) Comment on the post that announces this give away and tell me why you love Shakespeare, why your kids love Shakespeare or your favorite Shakespearean scene/passage.

3) Wait for the drawing on February 29 at 9 pm EST.

It’s that easy! I don’t know that I’ll be a big one for give aways, but this opportunity was just too good to pass up.

Also, I want to invite you to look around my blog at older posts. I hope you’ll see some things you like and will be interested in joining me as I continue my Charlotte Mason/Ambleside Online adventures…

All the best and thanks for joining me!



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