My name is Angie and I’m a devoted Christian mom homeschooling two beautiful children in the Charlotte Mason style. I decided to create this blog to track our journey together as we experience life and education through a CM lense. I also want to explore dear Charlotte’s philosophies and ideas and discover where we agree or disagree and why.

As for the name of this blog? Many years ago I met CS Lewis through his wonderful Chronicles of Narnia. In each of these books, there is a significant doorway (or several) through which the main characters must pass on their journeys either entering or exiting Narnia. For those who are familiar with these works, you know that curosity, wonder, desperation- many deeply felt, true emotions- occured on *this* side of each door. This impetus leads the characters to a life-altering encounter with Aslan (Jesus in Narnia). Then- when those characters had entered into some new understanding of Aslan- they were required to return to *this* side of the door until that last, final door was opened to them and they could enter the true Narnia…

I stand on this side of the door. The side of the door where I don’t know everything. The side of the door where I need peace. The side of the door where I need wisdom.  I am walking forward into a homeschooling journey holding my children’s hands, safe in my Savior and, yet, falliable & very human. This journey is one of discovery- of myself, my children and ultimately of my Jesus. Until I stand on the other side of the door, finally and in His perfect Presence forever, He will be correcting and shaping me to be like Him.

Join us as we step forward and see what happens on this side of the door…

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